System Features

A few of the features that come standard in the SOM Web System.

  • Versioning, History and Reverting Content
    A powerful feature in version 3 is the ability to see every change that has been made to a document, who made the change and the opportunity to revert to an earlier revision of the document if necessary.  You can also compare versions of the document to see exactly what changed.
  • Check Out/In (Working Copy Support)
    Ever need to make an extensive update to a page on your site that could take a few days?  Now with the built-in Working Copy Support feature, you can check out a copy of your page, leaving the old one intact, and work on the new one.  When you're ready to publish the new page, simply check the working copy in and your new page will replace the existing one.  Combine this with the version history, and you retain an archive of the old version.
  • Enhanced Portlet Management
    Portlets are content items that can appear to the left or right of (and with Content Well Portlets, above and below) the main content area. The latest version of the web system offers enhanced portlet management screens for controlling where these portlets appear throughout your site.
  • Multiple Calendars
    Have you ever had the need for more than one online calendar?  Maybe one calendar for residents, another for Grand Rounds?  Now you can have as many calendars as you need!
  • Intranet
    Do you have content on your site that should be restricted to a group of users?  With version 3 you can add a custom workflow to a folder on your site that will restrict it to a group of users with a valid login.  Right now this is compatible with SOMIDs but we are working to include ONYEN authentication.
  • Better Flash Support (including hero graphic)
    Version 3 is more Flash friendly, including 4 new content types that make adding Flash movies (.swf) or flash video (.flv) much easier.  You can now also include flash in the hero graphic (banner) area.
  • Review List
    A new state in the system workflow is Pending Review, which will allow you to mark items that are not quite ready to be published in a handy Review List portlet.
  • Collections
    Formerly known as Smart Folders, Collections display a list of results from a predefined search.  Perhaps one of the most powerful, and under-used, features in the Web System, Collections are a great way to display a list of items scattered throughout your site.
  • News
    Use the built-in News collection to display News relevant to your site, sorted by date.
  • Expanded Search Options
    In addition to the system search provided by Google, there is now a built-in site search that allows you search your site only.  This feature is also available in a portlet for easy access.
  • Web Statistics
    Statistics allow you to understand the impact of your site and improve its function.