Workflow States

Workflow (also referred to as publishing) states allow you to control the visibility of content objects: pages, files, folders, etc.

Workflow states are shown on content objects in the state drop-down at the top right of the content area, which is only visible to logged-in users.



  • By default, the workflow state for content objects is private.
  • Visibility: Only the creator of any given piece of content, plus users with appropriate permissions can view private content. (e.g. sharing "Can View" permissions grants read-only access to content).  Site Managers and Site Administrators can see all private content in a site.

Pending Review

  • Visibility: Only users with the "Can Review" permissions can see content that is in the pending review state.  Users with "Can Review" permissions can edit the content and choose publish it or send back to the creator. 


  • Visibility: Everyone can see published objects. Published objects are automatically included in the navigation will appear in search results.  They can be excluded from the navigation, but if linked from another page they are still included in the search results.  To exclude items from search results, choose either the Pending Review or Private state.