School of Medicine Web Redesign 2013

In July 2012, OIS began a joint project with SOM Communications to redesign the theme for the SOM Web System. Check back often for updates to this section of the web guide for information related to the redesign.

Project Goals

The School of Medicine Web System, a content management system based off of Plone, was launched in December 2007.  Since the initial release, there have been many system upgrades, along with minor updates to the theme, but after five years it was time for the first major theme upgrade.  In addition to making the look and feel more modern and clean, the new design needed to be flexible, responsive and easier to maintain.


  • July 2012: The project began as joint effort between OIS and School of Medicine Communications
  • September 2012: A web satisfaction survey was sent to the entire School of Medicine community for feedback on the current state of the school web presence.
  • November 2012: After several design iterations, a final design proposal was submitted to school leadership and approved.
  • December 2012: Two "preview sessions" were held for the School of Medicine community to view the new design and learn about the project goals and timeline. [view the PPT presentation]
  • January-February 2013: The web redesign project team held meetings with site owners and web authors to prepare for the implementation of the new theme.
  • March 8, 2013: Deadline for sites to complete recommended steps in preparation for the new design.
  • March 11-April 2013: OIS will start scheduling sites to be updated to the new design.

Next Steps for Web Authors

  1. Review the recommended steps to take to prepare your site for the new design.
  2. Request preview screenshots of your site in the new design.
  3. Visit the Multimedia Lab in 067 MacNider during our open office hours below to get answers to questions about the new design.