Actions (Editing, Moving, & Deleting Content)

Editing Content
Content can be edited if you've created it or otherwise have permission to edit it.
Moving Content — Cut, Copy & Paste
Familiar cut, copy and paste operations are supported throughout the web system, making it easy to reorganize your content.
Deleting Content
Content can be deleted if you own it or otherwise have permission to delete it.
Renaming Content & Changing Its Web Address
You can change the title of content items, as well as the "short name", which is the web address (url) specific to that item.
Automatic Locking and Unlocking
When you edit an item, the web system will automatically lock that item to prevent others from trying to make edits to it. This prevents people from overwriting each others' changes. Once you have finished editing an item and click the Save button, the item automatically becomes unlocked and is available to be edited by others.
Link & Reference Integrity Check
If you attempt to delete an item that’s linked elsewhere in your site, you get a “Potential link breakage” warning, showing you exactly where it’s used. This automatic safety measure is useful in determining just how important a particular asset is to your site. When prompted, you're given the option to delete the item anyway (not recommended), or cancel the action.