Editing Content

Content can be edited if you've created it or otherwise have permission to edit it.

Edit Tab

  1. Navigate to the content you want to edit (folder, page, image, etc).
  2. Click the Edit tab that appears in the green menu bar.

    Edit Tab

  3. Change the title, description or any other field as needed.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click Save. The main content area automatically switches to the green view tab so that you can view your changes.

Inline Editing

When enabled, inline editing allows you to edit pages instantly with no need to click the Edit tab.  Additionally, inline editing works for changing the title and description of any content type.  If you wish to edit the content of anything besides a page (ex., an image or a document), you'll need to use the Edit tab.

  1. Navigate to the content you wish to edit.
  2. Click anywhere within the title, description, or body text of your page.
  3. Make any necessary changes, and click Save just under the inline editing box.
    Inline Title Editing

If you'd like to turn inline editing on or off for your site, email webhelp@med.unc.edu.