Moving Content — Cut, Copy & Paste

Easily reorganize your sites content using the cut, copy, and paste operations that are supported throughout the web system.


The Contents tab shows a list of items in a folder. It is where you can selectively cut, copy, paste and delete as well as rename, reorder and change the state of items. Since it only pertains to folders, the Contents tab will only appear once you have navigated to a folder.

The contents tab will display a table listing of all items contained within the folder. Each item in the table will have a check box next to it for selective purposes. To manipulate an item or items you simply check the box(s) and click the button whose operation you wish to perform (for example Cut, Copy, Delete, etc.).

If you check one or more items, and click Cut or Copy, a paste button will appear in the row of buttons along the bottom of the panel. If you then navigate to another folder, you'll be able to paste the items there. For a Cut operation, the items will remain in the source folder—they won't disappear—until they are pasted elsewhere.

Example: How to Move Pages

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to move two pages from one folder of your site to another.

  1. Navigate to the folder containing the items you wish to move and click on the Contents tab to view all of the folder’s contents.
    Contents Tab
  2. Place a check next to the items you wish to move and then click Cut button.
  3. Navigate to the Contents tab of the folder you wish to move the items to and click Paste button.


Alternative Way to Cut, Copy and Paste

  1. Navigate to the page or item you wish to move.
  2. On the green menu bar, click Actions and select Cut or Copy from the drop-down menu.
    Actions Menu
  3. Navigate to the location where you wish to move the item.
  4. From the new location, click Actions and select Paste from the drop-down menu.


exclamation-trianglesign.png Note:  When moving an item within the web system, the system will keep track of its location. Links to the item are transparently updated so long as it's a relative link.

However, please be aware that moving content will break any static or absolute links (i.e. to that content. Static links will need to be updated manually. Static links to your site will most likely come from other sites. If you are aware of other sites that link to content within your site you should email them about relevant link changes.


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