Renaming Content & Changing Its Web Address

You can change the title of content items, as well as the "short name", which is the web address (url) specific to that item.

  1. Navigate to the page or item you wish to rename.
  2. On the green menu bar, click Actions and select Rename from the drop-down menu.
    Actions Menu
  3.  The Rename item dialog appears with two fields, New Short Name and New Title.  By default, the existing short name and title are displayed.  Changing the short name will change the url address of the item.  Changing the title will change the page title.  Change the short name and/or title as desired, then click Rename all.

exclamation-trianglesign.png Note:  Short names cannot contain spaces or special characters, except for hyphens "-" and underscores "_".  Hyphens are preferred because:

  • With underscores, search engines may not recognize words as being separate.
  • The web system uses hyphens by default.