Folder Display Options

There are multiple ways to display the content of your web site. Folder display options include "summary view", "tabular view", "thumbnail view", "standard view", and "select a content item as default view" (set a home page for the folder). You will find the display options in the green menu bar when you are logged in and on a folder.

A folder can not display content like a page.  It is not designed to display text, links, photos, etc.  A folder is simply a container and by default will display what it contains.  How it displays it's content is dependent on which option is selected from the Display drop-down menu.

Display Menu

Standard View

Standard view is the default display for folders.  It lists all published content within the folder, with descriptions, if present. Icons are only visible to logged-in uers.

Display - Standard View

Summary View

Summary view is unique in that it includes text and thumbnail images (if images, or news items with images, are present).  Descriptions are also included.

Display - Summary View

Tabular View

Just as the name implies, contents of the folder are displayed in a table.  The icons, author and last modified columns are only visible to users who are logged in.

Display - Tabular View

Thumbnail View

Thumbnail view works well for image libraries.

Display - Thumbnail View

Select (or Change) a Content Item as the Default View

For total control of what is displayed for the folder you can select a content item as the default view.  This allows you to select an item within the folder and display it's content in lieu of the folder's content listing.  For more information, see Setting a Folder's Home Page.