Setting a Folder's Home Page

By default, a folder will show you a list of what it contains ("standard view"). You can change the "display" of the folder to "select a content item as default view..." to show in place of the default list view.

  1. Choose select a content item as default view from the green display drop-down menu (you need to be logged in to see the display menu).
    Display Menu
  2. Select the page whose content you want to display for the folder and click "save". The page you select will be excluded from the navigation, as you will not need the same content listed in the navigation twice. Lets say you have a folder titled About Us and in that folder you have a page titled Mission.  If you selected the Mission page as the default view of the folder, then Mission would no longer be a sub-category for About Us. But, when you clicked on About Us, you would see the content of the Mission page.

Naming The Default Page

It is recommended that the page that you set as the default view of the folder have the same name as the folder so as not to confuse site visitors.  For example, lets say that you have an About Us section of your site that is a folder.  If you were to create a page that was to be set as the default view of the About Us folder, then that page should also be titled About Us.


In the above image, the navigation and tile of the page all match, making it easy for site visitors to keep track of where they are in the site.



 In the above image, the navigation does not match the title of the page.  This may be confusing to site visitors.


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