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The School of Medicine web system gives you the option of displaying Previous/Next links on all content contained within a folder.  This gives site visitors a tertiary navigation by which they can step through a series of pages or related items.


Enable Previous/Next Links

  1. Navigate to the folder whose content you wish to display the previous/next links on and click on the Edit tab on the green bar.
  2. Click on the Settings sub-option.

    Tabs When Editing a Page

  3. Add a check next to Enable next previous navigation.
  4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  5. The system will display "previous: (title of previous item)" and "next: (title of next item)" at the bottom of all pages.
  6. The order in which items are listed in the Contents view of the folder determines the previous and next links.  You can Reorder Items as needed so that content appears in the order that you want.



The IRIS: UNC SOM Art and Literary Journal web site uses the Previous / Next links so site visitors can navigate through the displayed art work.

Previous / Next Links