Adding Images to the Web System
Images can be uploaded to your site where organizing, viewing, and publishing is streamlined.
Adding Images to Pages
Images can be incorporated into page layouts.
Replacing an Existing Image
The School of Medicine Web System has a built-in update feature to help you replace outdated files and images, without breaking existing links to them.
Image Size
These are general guidelines as to the dimensions and file size of images that are uploaded to the web system.
Image Overlays (Lightbox Effect)
Image overlays allow you to show a larger version of an image in an overlay on the current page instead of causing a new page to load.
Image Resources
Where to find free or cheap images for your web site.
Image Borders
Add borders and effects to images on your site.
Image SEO Tips
Here are some very simple changes you can make to your images to increase the chances of them helping your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).