Image Resources

Where to find free or cheap images for your web site.

  1. UNC Health Care and UNC School of Medicine Photo Library 
    A small photo gallery of images specific to UNC Health Care and UNC School of Medicine.
  2. UNC News Services Multimedia Library 
    Images from main campus.
  3. Dollar Photo Club 
    You first have to sign up for a $10 monthly subscription, which gives you 10 free photos.  After that, you pay $1 for every subsequent image.  You can cancel at any time.
  4. Bigstock
    They offer monthly subscription plans as well as credits for individual images.  They also offer 1 free image per month. Every month. No commitment.  For new users only.  There should be a link on their plan pricing page that allows you to sign up for the free image per month.  If for some reason the button is gone, here is the direct link.  You will need to put a credit card on file but won't be charged unless you download more than the one free image per month.