Replacing an Existing Image

The School of Medicine Web System has a built-in update feature to help you replace outdated files and images, without breaking existing links to them.

  1. To replace an image with an updated version, navigate to the folder in which the image resides (usually the Images folder of your Home directory).

    Icon IdeaTip: If the image is embedded on a page, and you don't know where the original image is located, right-click on the image, and select Copy Image Location.  Paste this URL into your browser's address bar, and delete any characters you see past the last "/" (Ex.: becomes  This will take you to the folder where your image is stored.

  2. Click the title of the image you wish to replace, and once it loads, select edit from the green menu bar.
  3. You will see an Edit Image form.  This looks similar to the Add Image form, with Title, Description, and File fields.
  4. In the Image section of the form, select Replace with new image.
    Replace with New Image
  5. Click Browse. A File Upload window will appear.
  6. In the file upload window, navigate to the newer version of the image on your local computer that you want to upload, select it, and click open.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Image panel and click save
  8. Your image has been updated; however, you may need to refresh the page in your browser if your new image doesn't display correctly.