Adding Events

Events are announcements (distinct from News items) that are easily accessible from the Events Portlet, which automatically appears in the third, right-hand column whenever events are published.

Note: Published events automatically appear in the Agenda/Calendar and Calendar Portlet, in addition to the Events Portlet.

Events Folder

All Events should be added to the Events folder, located at the root of your site. By default, the Events folder is set to be excluded from the navigation; see instructions on Excluding Items from the Navigation to make it appear as a link in the navigation. The contents view of this folder allows you to easily copy, cut, paste, delete and change the state of your event, depending on your role in the system. Remember, only Events in the published state will appear in the Agenda/Calendar, the Calendar Portlet, and the Events Portlet.

Adding Events to Your Site

Add EventClick on the "Add New..." link; then choose "Event". This will bring you to the Add Event page where you can enter in more detailed information about your event in the following fields. Note that some fields are required.

  • Title (required)
  • Description
  • Event Type (required)
  • Event Starts (required)
  • Event Ends (required)
  • Event Location (required)
  • Presenter (required)
  • Lecture Series
  • Sponsor
  • Contact Name (required)
  • Contact E-mail
  • Contact Phone
  • Event URL
  • Event body text

Be sure to make your entries informative so that viewers can find out everything they need to know.

Icon IdeaTip: To add your event to the main School of Medicine Calendar, in addition to your departmental calendar, follow these steps.

Editing an Event

Click on the Title of the Event in the Events portlet. Click the Edit tab and make the necessary changes and click Save.

Deleting an Event

Navigate to the Events folder (located at the root of your site). Select the checkbox next to the Event you need to delete and click Delete.