Adding News

News items (distinct from pages and event items) are items that automatically appear in the Lineage News Portlet. News items are also unique in that they allow you to include a lead image that follows the news item wherever it goes.

Where to Add Your News

All sites come with a built-in News folder (please do not delete this folder).  We recommend placing all News items in this folder (located at the root of your site).

  1. Go to your sites Home page
  2. Click on the green Contents tab
  3. Click on the News folder
  4. To add a News item, use the Add new... menu and choose News ItemThis will bring you to the Add News Item page.

Add a News Item

  1. Click on the Add new... button and choose News ItemThis will bring you to the Add News Item page.
    Add News Item
  2. Add a title.
  3. Add a short, 1 to 3 sentence Summary.  Summary information is important because it can be displayed along with the title and lead image in several places throughout your site.  
  4. Adding Images and Video
    • The Image and Image Caption fields allow you to attach up to two images to your news item.  If you wish to add additional images to a news item, you may do so in the Body Text area.  For best results, images should be at least either 200 pixels in width or height.
    • If the News item has an attached image (Image 1), it will be used as a "lead image" for the news item. Lead images appear with the News Item.  They also appear beside the item when viewing the News collection (but only when the folder is set to 'summary view,' in the 'display' menu).
    • The Video Link allows you to easily attach a YouTube video to the news item.  
      • To add a YouTube video, copy and paste the id into the Video Link box.  The id is the last part of the URL, after the ?v=.  In the following URL -, the Upo668bS1nc is the part you want to copy and paste into the Video Link box.
    • If the News item has an attached video, it will be used as the "lead image" in lieu of an attached image (Image 1). 
    • The system will automatically resize the lead image to the appropriate size.
  5. Change Note - entering a brief but descriptive note about the changes you make each time you edit a News item will make tracking and undoing changes much easier.  You can read more about this on the History and Version Control page.
  6. Click Save.
  7. The News item has been created but site visitors won't see it because it is in the private state. To publish the News item, click on State: Private on the green bar and select Publish.


News Item With Image:


News Item With Video and Image:



Edit a News Item

  1. Navigate to the News item you wish to edit.
  2. Click on the Edit button on the green bar.
  3. Make your changes.
  4. Click Save.


Delete a News Item

  1. Navigate to the News item you wish to delete.
  2. Click on the Actions button on the green bar.
  3. Select Delete.
  4. Confirm that you wish to delete the News item.


Default News Collection

All sites come with a built-in News folder located at the root of the site.  By default the News folder contains a collection (named News) that is set as the default view of the folder.  The collection will collect and display all published News items located anywhere within the site.  The collection will display the news items, sorted by the effective (publishing) date, beginning with the most current item.  If the display of the News folder is set to 'summary view,' it will display the lead image (video link or image 1) next to the summary text.  See the example below from the  AHS website.  


News Portlets

A Lineage News Portlet or a Collection Portlet can be added anywhere on your site to display your news to site visitors.

Here is an example of a News Portlet on the AHS home page:


Here is a sample page to show the difference between a Lineage News Portlet and a Collection Portlet (displaying news).   


  • Adding these portlets to the standard portlet area (the right column), there is only one difference, the Collection Portlet has the option to show or hide the date. 
  • In the Content Well however there is a significant difference between the Lineage News Portlet and the Collection Portlet.  The Lineage News Portlet will display the title and effective date (the date the news item is published) of news items.  The Collection Portlet will display the title, summary information and lead image (if one is added) for news items.  The effective date can also be displayed in a Collection Portlet but is optional.  

Featuring Select News Items on a Landing Page

If you want to feature a selection of news items on a landing page within your site, you can use the On Landing Page option.

  1. Create a collection that searches for items that have the onLandingPage option selected.
  2. Selecting this option in the search terms section of a collection will look for items that have the On Landing Page option selected.


This option is useful, for example, if you want to have a slider or carousel of "featured" news on a landing page and want to control what items show, separate from the latest news on your site.  You can see this in action at  The slider at the top of the page shows On Landing Page items, while the Latest News portlet shows the latest news added to the site.



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