Your site has a built-in calendar for viewing published events. It's available to all visitors as long as the 'Events' folder is published, and it allows users to download events in iCal format, for import into programs like Microsoft Outlook. If you're a site owner or manager, you can even add and edit events directly on the calendar by left or right clicking dates and time slots!

Calendar Views

The default view of the Events folder on your site is the Calendar view.  (To access it, go to the contents of your home directory, and click on 'Events.')

Month/Week/Day refer to the different calendar views available:

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Calendar Week

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Calendar Month

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Calendar Day

For more information about adding, editing and deleting events, see Adding Events.


Calendar Properties

The calendar properties tab (available to managers and editors) gives some customization options, which have descriptive explanations. Properties are divided into three subsections: Calendar, Sub-Folders, and Colors.


Advanced functions that may not be enabled include:

  • Google Calendar Sources
  • Colors (the ability to assign)

Please contact if you have any questions or run into any issues.