Browser Cache Issue

Have you recently made some changes but don't see the changes after you hit the save button? Don't panic! It's likely just a browser cache issue.

What is Browser Cache?

A browser's cache is a a group of files, such as web pages, images, style sheets, JavaScript scripts, video and audio files, that your browser downloads and stores on your machine for future use.  When you visit a web page, the browser downloads these files which are needed to display the page in the browser window.  This creates a cache on your machine. The next time you visit a cached page, only changed content needs to be downloaded.  The unchanged files are available in the cache and are what is used to display the web page.  This makes web pages load faster.

Cache Issues

Even though the browser cache is a great thing, because it makes web pages load faster, it can sometimes have undesired and confusing results.  Here are some of the most common problems that our users experience:

  1. It looks like you don't have access to edit your site.  You log into your site but you don't see the green bar and tabs that allow you to edit the site.
  2. After editing a page you don't see your revisions.

These issues are often caused by the browsers cache.  If you experience any of these issues then you should refresh the browser window and bypass the cache.

Bypass The Browser Cache

Here is how you refresh the browser window and bypass the cache:

In Internet Explorer

  • either: hold the Ctrl key and press the F5 key on the keyboard
  • or: hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and click the Refresh button in the browser's toolbar

In Firefox, Chrome, and Safari

  • either: hold down the Ctrl key and then press F5 on the keyboard
  • or: hold down both the Ctrl and Shift keys and then press R on the keyboard (Cmd+Shift+R on Mac)
  • or: hold down the Shift key on the keyboard and click the Reload button in the browser's toolbar