Adding Pages

Pages are the most commonly used content items.

  1. Navigate to the location in the site where you want the new page to be located.
  2. Click the Add new... link on the green menu bar and then select page from the drop-down menu (you need to be logged in to see the add item menu).
    Create a New Page
  3. A blank Add Page form will be displayed.
  4. In the Title field of the Edit Page form, enter the title for your new page.
  5. In the Summary box, enter a short description of your new page. Entering a description is optional, but encouraged. The description appears in search results, in summary lists of your pages, and in hovering text boxes that appear when a user rests the mouse pointer over a page title link.
  6. The Body Text area is where you will enter the main content for your page. The Body Text section allows you to easily edit and style your content using the web systems' built-in visual editor. You can use the buttons and tools that appear to add basic formatting to your text. These tools, which behave much like the tools and buttons in most word processing programs, are described in further detail in Formatting Content with the Editor.
  7. If you're editing a page, enter a Change note with a brief comment about the changes you've made.  This will be useful if you ever wish to view the history to undo any changes.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save to create the new page. The main content area automatically switches to the view tab so that you can review your new page.
  9. If the content looks acceptable in the view tab and you want to make the new page immediately available to the public, click the red Private button that is located on the green bar and select Publish from the drop-down menu. The new page now appears in the navigation and is accessible to all visitors.
Icon IdeaTip: New pages are displayed in the navigation when they are published. If you want to prevent a page from appearing in the navigation, see Excluding Items from the Navigation.