Additional Functions


Saves the HTML content within the editor window.

Source HTML Source

Click on the HTML button to view and edit the HTML source code, add allowed inline CSS, etc. (This is for advanced users.) Click on it again to go back to preview mode.


Cut or Copy the highlighted content. (Cut and Copy buttons only work in Internet Explorer. In Firefox use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+X to cut, Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste.)

PastePaste/Paste as Plain Text

Paste as Plain text will toggle between plain text paste mode and regular paste mode.  We strongly recommend using Paste as Plain text mode to remove any outside formatting that may interfere with the web system styling. 

Paste WordPaste from Word

Copy content from Microsoft Word, then paste it into the HTML editor using the dialog box accessed from this icon. This will retain much of the formatting from your Word document.


Click to undo or redo the last action taken.


Find and replace a word or phrase within the text.

FullFull-Screen Editing

Enter or exit full-screen editing mode.