Scheduling Content

By default, the publication date of an item is set to the date and time at which the item’s state is first changed to "published". Some items on your site, such as news items and events, will contain time-sensitive information. You can set a "publishing date" and an "expiration date" to control visibility. Although you can set an expiration date for any item, content that you want to remain on your site indefinitely should not be assigned an expiration date.

Changing the Publishing and Expiration Dates for a Content Item

  1. Navigate to the content item.
  2. Click the green edit tab.
  3. Click Dates.
  4. Scroll down to the Publishing Date and Expiration Date sections and notice the settings.

    Scheduling Dates

  5. If desired, change the Publishing Date, which is the date on which the item will become visible to the public (if it is in the published state).  Again, the default date and time is whenever the item is first published.  But, if you manually set a future date and time, the item remains invisible to site visitors until that date and time, even if the workflow state is set to published.
  6. If you do not want the item to be visible indefinitely, select an Expiration Date. As items expire they become invisible to your viewers, even though the state shows as published to you when you're logged in.
  7. Click "save".


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