Advanced Content & Site Management

Advanced Styles
jQuery Tools is a collection of user interface plugins that allow you to achieve effects like tabbed content, lightbox-style overlays, and tooltips. These effects are already built into the web system, but they're implemented through the editing of page HTML.
Link related items & apply categories to content.
Collections display the results of a specific, predefined site search.
Content Rules
Content rules are an advanced function of the web system that allow you to set automatic actions to occur whenever a user does something specific. For instance, you can set up email alerts to be sent every time an item is published on your site.
Dynamic HTML Email
Forms allow you to collect information from users. You can easily build powerful and feature-rich forms within the web system.
History & Version Control
The version history of items such as pages, images, news, etc provides a list of all the edits/changes made to such items. Each time changes are made to an item, a new version is saved. These various versions will then be listed under "History".
People Directory
Portlets are dynamically generated (or static) content views that can be displayed in special areas of the site layout. There are two basic kinds: standard portlets and content well portlets.
Sharing is allowing specific users to have access to your web site to maintain content.
Site Search
Working Copy (Check Out/In)
Working Copy allows you to work on a parallel copy of a page so that edits can be made at leisure while the original version is still live to site visitors.