Site Banners

Each site in the SOM Web System has the option to choose a site banner that will be the horizontal background graphic behind the site title and navigation (see below). The banner will carry through your entire site.


The red box in the above image highlights the Site Banner.  Click the image for a larger view.

Every site is installed with the same default banner.  We also have a gallery of available site banners that you can select for your site.  To help brand your particular site, we encourage you to change out the default site banner with something unique.  A custom image that you send to us would be ideal for the simple fact that no one else would have the same site banner as you.  Before submitting a custom site banner please read our guidelines below for what images work best and how to size a site banner.

Banner Guidelines

  • Images should be in progressive JPEG format and 2000px wide by 400px tall (ideally no more than 150kb when saved).  These dimensions seem excessive, but the large size is recommended to optimize your site's appearance on any screen size (from mobile devices to large HDTV's). The image is aligned at the top left corner of the page.
  • Site banners are meant to be background images for your site, so they should be simple and not distracting.  Keep in mind the color and location of the blue background for the site title and top horizontal navigation.
  • Logos and photos of people should not be used in your site banner.
  • Text should not be included in the site banner.
  • Keep in mind that the site's name as well as the primary navigation will overlap and hide a portion of the site banner. We can't give you any specification as to how much will be hidden because each site will have certain attributes that will affect this:
    • The length of the site name. There is a 300 pixel minimum width for blue box behind the site name. For longer site names, the blue box will expand to fit the name.
    • Having a supersite or parent name above a site name will enlarge the height of the blue box that encompasses the site name.
    • Having a logo in place of the site name will most likely shorten the horizontal width and lengthen the height of the blue box that encompasses the site name (minimum width of 300 pixels).
    • Having more than one line of primary/horizontal navigation. Please note that it is strongly encouraged to have only one line of primary navigation in your site. At sizes smaller than 1024 pixels wide, but larger than 767 pixels, your horizontal navigation may wrap to two lines. Horizontal navigation in sizes below 768 pixels wide will convert to a button for mobile devices.
  • Even though the site banner needs to be 400 pixels tall, most sites won't display but about half of that. The extra height is needed for sites that have a 'super-site' name over the site name (eg: the Department of Allied Health Sciences is the super-site name for the Speech and Hearing Sciences web site). Other sites might use an official logo in place of the site name. Others sill might have more that one line of horizontal navigation (even though we strongly discourage it).

    Need help creating a banner?

    We understand that not everyone is experienced in Photoshop.  If you have an existing image that you think could be converted to a site banner, upload the highest resolution version using our Site Banner Request Form (Onyen login required) and we will try to make it work.  Remember to keep in mind the guidelines above.  Not every image will translate to a site banner.

    How do I add a site banner to my site?

    Site banners will be added by the OIS Web Team.  Use the Site Banner Request Form (Onyen login required) to submit your request.  After a period of time, you may want to change your site graphic.  If so, simply use the request form to submit a new graphic and the OIS Web Team will work with you to update your graphic.

    Can I preview a site banner before adding it to my site?

    Visit the banner tester page to see what a banner will look like in the web system.

    Site Banner Gallery

    The banners below are available for use on your site.  If you like one of the textures in the gallery, but not the color, let us know and we may be able to customize a particular banner for your site. To request a specific banner, complete the Site Banner Request Form.

    For a listing of all available site banners, visit the Site Banner Gallery.