Related Items

Use the "Related Items" option on the Categorization screen to thematically link content together.

While browsing the Web Guide, you may have noticed a Related Items section at the bottom of certain pages. This is where you can add related items to establish connections between content items. Once items have been related to one another, links will be listed on the bottom of the page for related items when an item is viewed. You can't do this for folders, but you can for other content, such as pages and images.

For example, in a folder containing several photographs, you may wish to relate two of the photos so that when one is viewed, a link to the other will show:

  1. Select an image (PhotographTwo.jpg) and click on the green edit tab. Near the top of the Edit panel will be the Edit options. Click Categorization:

    Edit Options

  2. On the Categorization screen, find the Related Item(s)input field:

    Related Items

  3. Click the Add...button.  This will bring up a panel to find items that can be related to PhotographTwo.jpg.  A list of items in the current folder will be displayed.  The current item you are editing (PhotographTwo.jpg) will be greyed out as you can't relate an item to itself.  Use the search box to find items outside of the current folder.

    Related Items Browse

  4. Click insert to the right of an item to add it to the list of items which will be related to PhotographTwo.jpg:

    Related Items Added

  5. When PhotographTwo.jpg is viewed, a link to PhotographOne.jpg will be shown at the bottom of the display:

    Related Items Final