Collection Display Options

Changing the Display of a Collection

Once a collection is created, you can change how the results are displayed.  Simply click on the Display button on the green bar to pick one of the various options. 

Collection Display Options

All Content View

This view is generally not recommended as it displays all the content of the collection in one really long page.

EasySlider View

This view allows you to display the collection results in an Easy Slider.

Collection Display - Easy Slider

Tabular View 

This view displays the collection results in a table.  What fields are included in the table are determined in the Table Columns area when creating or editing the collection.

Collection Display - Tabular View

Thumbnail View

This view displays a thumbnail of all images in the collection results.  It will also display the thumbnail of the video or the first image attached to a News item.

Collection Display - Thumbnail View

Summary View

This view displays the Title and Summary of all items in the collection.  If News items are included in the collection, the results will also display a thumbnail of the video or first image if one is assigned.

Collection Display - Summary View

Standard View

This view displays the Title and Summary of all items in the collection in a bulleted list fashion.

Collection Display - Standard View

Solgema Fullcalendar 

This view can be used if the collection results are made up of Events.  If so, this view allows you to display the Events in a calendar view.

Collection Display - Calendar View


Other Ways To Display a Collection

In A Collection Portlet

The most common use for collections is to display the results in a collection portlet.  Collection portlets can exist as a Standard Portlet, or as a Content Well Portlet.

In A Slider

Collections can be used to dynamically populate both our Easy Slider and Carousel slider