Outdated Collections

Some time ago the Collection feature in our web system was updated to reflect the product that we currently have.  Since the previously existing collections could not automatically be upgraded to the new form of collections, the old style still exists on many sites.  The old collections still work in our web system, they are just set up a little differently.  If you experience problems with an old collection, it is best to simply recreate it.

How to Identify an Old Collection

Setting up a collection in the old style was a two-step process.  First you would create and save the collection.  This would then allow you to access a Criteria tab which is where you would specify the parameters of the collection. The criteria had to be added one at a time and without any preview as to what content was being matched.  This lead to a process where the user had to jump back and forth between editing and viewing the collection to see if the criteria matched the desired results.  

You can use these references to determine whether a collection is either the old or the new style:

  1. When editing a collection, if you see the Title, Search Terms and Preview all on the same page, it is the new collection type.
  2. If you navigate to the collection and a Criteria tab appears on the green bar (see below), it is the old style of collections.

Old Style Collections