Tags are a way of categorizing and labeling content contained within your site.

Tags, which were formerly called Keywords and then Categories, are available for all content types (folders, pages, News Items, Images, etc.) in the School of Medicine web system.  

Adding and Editing Tags

Tags can be found on the Categorization tab when creating or editing a piece of content.


Select from existing tags - shows you a list of all tags previously used on your site.

Create and apply new tags - allows you to create new tags.  When creating multiple new tags, ensure each tag is on it's own line.

Tags currently selected - shows you which tags have been assigned to the item (page, news item, etc.) that you are currently editing.


Where Tags Are Displayed

  1. Tags that are assigned to a piece of content will display as a list at the bottom of that content.
    Filed Under Tags 
  2. The web system will automatically add a link to each tag.  That link will take visitors to a page that lists all content items that have been assigned that same tag.