Customizing the Save Data Adapter

Adapters control what happens to data that is submitted through your form.  The default Mailer Adapter will send form data to an email address that you specify.  The optional Save Data Adapter will save the data on the server and allow you to download it at your convenience.

Adding a Save Data Adapter

The save data adapter allows for form submissions to be saved in a comma–separated value or tab-separated value format. The save data adapter is not added automatically with the default email form that is provided.  To add a Save Data Adapter:

  1. Navigate to your Form Folder
  2. Select Save Data Adapter from the Add New drop-down menu.
  3. Configure the adapter
  • Enter a Title.  Site visitors will not see this so it doesn't really matter what you name it. It is however recommended that you name it something easy like Save Data Adapter. That way it can be easily found at a future time.
  • Under Extra Data, place a check mark next to Posting Date/Time if you want to know the date and time that someone filled out your form
  • Download Format depends on what your preferences are, but Comma-Separated Values is probably the most common
  • Place a check mark next to the Include Column Names option.

    Save Data Adapter
  • Click the Save button
  • You should still edit the Mailer Adapter to select a recipient for the form data.  That way someone will receive notification when the form has been filled out and submitted. See Customizing the Mailer Adapter for making these changes.

    Viewing/Retrieving Saved Data

    In order to retrieve data from the save data adapter:

    1. Select the Form Folder
    2. Select the Contents tab
    3. Click on the name that you assigned to the Save Data Adapter
    4. Viewing/downloading the Data (under the Display menu)
    • Icon Idea Tabular View will display your data in a table—similar to how it would look in a spreadsheet, but without having to download anything!
    • Record View will show the data as a list of individual entries formatted as they appear on the thank you screen or email confirmation.
    • Download View allows you to download a tab-delineated (.tsv) or comma-delineated (.csv) file that can be opened in a spreadsheet program.
      exclamation-trianglesign.png Warning: While on the default view ('download view'), be sure not to accidentally press the "Clear Saved Input" button.  It will instantaneously erase all submissions!

    You can download the form data as many times as you want. The data will always be there as long as you do not delete the Save Form Adapter or click on the Clear Saved Input button. The Clear Saved Input button will delete all collected data so make sure you have downloaded/saved all data first.