History & Version Control

The version history of items such as pages, images, news, etc provides a list of all the edits/changes made to such items. Each time changes are made to an item, a new version is saved. These various versions will then be listed under "History".

The link to the history states can be found under the title of the item (page, image, etc.).  Clicking the History link will display the history states in an overlay window.


The system will allow you to view older revisions, compare versions to the current revision, and revert to previous revisions as needed:


The history also displays who made changes and when those changes were performed.

Adding a Change Note

An important tool for revising pages is the Change note field.  Entering a brief note about the changes you make each time you edit an item will make tracking and undoing changes much easier.  At the bottom of each page you edit, be sure to note your changes.  The change note is saved in your page's history, so you'll know exactly which version of your page contains which changes.

Change Note

Viewing the History

To access all revisions of a document:

  1. Make sure you are viewing the content item whose history you wish to view.
  2. Click the History link which is located at the top of the page, just under the title of the item (you must be logged in to see the History link).
  3. After clicking History, you will see a list of revisions, with the most recent at the top.

Comparing Versions

You can compare any previous version with the current version by using the Compare to current revision link. You can also compare any version with the previous version by using the Compare to the previous revision link. The system will show you color coded changes between the versions:

  • Light Green indicates added content
  • Dark Green indicates added HTML tags
  • Light Red indicates deleted content
  • Dark Red indicates deleted HTML tags
  • No Color Coding indicates content that has not been edited
History Compare Revisions

Reverting to Previous Versions

To revert to a particular version, click the revert to this revision button in the History list. The history will indicate that the page was reverted.  Since the reversion is stored as a history state, you can un-do it / revert to the previous or any other version.

To revert to a particular version, just use the "Revert to this revision" link. A comment will indicate when an item was reverted and what version it was reverted to.