Controlling what items can be added to a folder

How to change the restrictions on a folder 

1. Navigate to the folder on the site where you want to change the restrictions as to what types of items can be added. 

2. On the green menu bar, select Add New... button and then select Restrictions... from the drop-down menu (you must be logged in to see the add item menu).

restrictions photo.png

3. On the Restrict what types of content can be added page, you have three Type Restrictions options from the drop-down menu. 

restriction types.png

Select manually allows you to select what items you want to show in the Add new... drop-down menu.

select manually.png


add new select manually.jpg


Use portal default automatically selects all of the items to show in the Add new... drop-down menu. 

portal default.png


add new portal default.jpg

Use parent folder settings automatically uses the restrictions of its parent folder

parent folder settings.png


add new select manually.jpg

4. You can only change the restriction for one folder at a time, so to change the restrictions for a whole website you must change the restrictions under every folder in that website.