People Directory

Our custom designed 'Person' template allows you to easily manage and display the personnel from your department/center/program on your site. Once you have a collection of "Person" profiles, you can display them in the Personnel Gallery.

Create Profiles For Your People

Before adding people to your site, you should decide how they will be organized and displayed on the site.  Will your people be organized into groups such as Faculty, Staff, or Students?  Other general categories that our sites tend to group people into include: Clinical, Research, Fellows, Residents, Administration, Primary Faculty, Joint Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Emeritus Professors, and Graduate Students.  Another important factor to determine is whether or not anyone will fall into more than one group.  

Displaying People In One Group 

In this approach, you will use folders to organize and display your personnel.  Read more >>

Displaying the Same People in More Than One Group

In this approach, you will use collections to group and display your personnel.  Read more >>


Below is an example of a Person Profile page.

Person Page View


Display Your Personnel in a Gallery

Once a number of profile pages has been created, site managers/editors can display their people in a Personnel Gallery.  The Personnel Gallery page is a dynamically generated page that displays a thumbnail and short snippit of information about each person. People in the gallery will be listed alphabetically by last name. If the correct fields on the Person page are filled out, the web system will automatically link a person's name and photo in the Personnel Gallery to their profile page. Since the Personnel Gallery is responsive, the number of columns will change depending on the monitor size and resolution of the site visitor.

Alpha Listing

The Personnel Gallery page will display an alphabet across the top of the page. This subsequent navigation allows site visitors to quickly jump to a collection of people whose last name begins with the same letter.



UNC Lineberger

Personnel Gallery View 


Department of Ophthalmology



Department of Anesthesiology



Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology