Displaying Multiple Groups in the Same Gallery

This tutorial will show you how to display multiple groups of people (collections) in the same gallery.  This is useful, for example, if you wanted to display all first, second, and third year residents on the same page.  You can change up the groups of people being display to customize this to fit your needs.  

Create the Profiles and Groups of People

  1. Follow all the instructions outlined in Displaying the Same People in More Than One Group to create the personnel profiles for your people as well as a collection for each of your groups of people (first year residents, second year residents, etc.).
  2. If the collections for each group of people aren't already in the same folder, move them so that they are.
  3. Navigate to the folder that contains the collections.
  4. Click on the Display drop-down menu on the green bar and select Multiple Gallery.  
    Display --> Multiple Gallery

  5. You should now see all the collections displayed in a single gallery.
  6. Publish the folder if you are ready to make it public.

Ordering Collections

 The order in which the collections are listed in the containing folder is the order in which they show up in the gallery. 

  1. Go to the folder containing all the collections
  2. Click on the Contents tab in the green bar 

    Contents tab

  3. You can reorder the collections to customize the order in which they display in the gallery view.





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