Displaying the Same People in More Than One Group

1. Create One Folder

Create one folder to contain all of your profiles.  I will call it the 'People' folder for the purpose of this example but you can name it whatever you want.  Exclude the folder from the navigation.  The collections you later create will display in the navigation in lieu of the People folder

Add New Folder - People

2. Add People

Add a Person profile for each person you want displayed on the website.  They should all be added to the 'People" folder.

To add a profile page for a person, simply select Person from the Add New... drop-down menu.  

Add A New Person

An Add Person page will display.  Notice that this page has a grey bar with tabs.  It is in these various tab regions that you will enter the data/information for each person's profile.


Content Tab

The bulk of a person's profile will be entered here. 

  1. Fill in the person's First Name.
  2. Fill in the person's Last Name and any designations they might have.  For example: Smith, PhD.
  3. Summary - the information entered here will display at the top of the person's profile page as well as in search results.
  4. Info Box - InfoBox.pngAll of the fields from Title(s)/Affiliation down to the Web Link Text will display below the person's photo.
    • The Title(s)/Affiliation, Street, City, State, Zip Code, Phone and Email fields are all self-explanatory.
    • Click the CV or NIH biosketch button to upload a file (such as a Word document or PDF).  This file will be made available for download from the person's bio page.
    • Web Link and Web Link Text - these two related fields allow you to provide a link and link title to an external website related to the person.  Sites that people often link to include their lab website, their publications on PubMed/Reach NC, or their Find A Doc clinical profile.
  5. Image - this is where you will upload a person's picture (there is no need to upload personnel photos to the root images folder as you previously needed to).  These images should be uploaded to the web system at 188 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall.  CAUTION - Any image smaller than these dimensions will be stretched to fill the space and could look pixelated and blurry.  
  6. Body Text - this is where you will put the rest of a person's information.  Please ensure you properly format the information, especially with the proper use of headers.  Examples of the type of information that our sites display here include:
    • Education and Training
    • Areas of Interest
    • Professional Background
    • Awards and Honors
    • Research Interests 
    • Recent Publications
    • Affiliations

Gallery Information Tab

This is where you will enter the information that will display on the gallery page.  There is no need to list the person's name here.  The system will automatically list the person's name and link to their bio/profile page.  Any additional information that you wish to display in the gallery view will need to be entered here.  For consistencies sake, we suggest you provide the same type of information for each person or group of people.  



Content entered in the Gallery Information tab will display next to the persons photo on the Personnel Gallery page

Categorization Tab

This is where you will tag a person as belonging to a certain group/category.  You only need to tag/categorize people if you will be using a collection to display your groups of people.

You will need to come up with a tag name for each group of people.  For example, the research group of people could receive the Research tag, the primary faculty could receive the Primary Faculty tag, and so on.  Notice that spaces are allowed in a tag.  It is very important that you consistently tag all of the people of the same group with the same tag.  Don't tag the administration group as Administration some of the time and then Admin the rest of the time.  Doing so will prevent people from displaying in their corresponding collection.  NOTE - Tags are case-sensitive.  So that all people in each group will display in the gallery, keep the tags consistent for each person (i.e. use either "faculty" or "Faculty").

How to tag/categorize someone:

  1. While adding/editing a person, click on the Categorization tab.
  2. In the Tags field, type in the tag you assigned to the group the person belongs to.  If they belong to more than one group, list each additional tag on a separate line.
  3. Save the profile
  4. Publish the profile if you are ready to make it public.


3. Create A Collection To Display A Group Of People

Once you have tagged people into their corresponding groups, you then have the ability to create and display them in a collection.  The collection will pull all items with the same tag and display them as a group.

  1. From the Add New... drop-down menu, select Collection.
  2. The Name of the collection should reflect the type of people it is (e.g. Primary Faculty, Administration, etc.).  Note that this name will display in your site's navigation.
  3. Under Search Terms, click on the Select... drop-down menu and choose Type.  Set the Type to Person.

  4. Under Search Terms, click on the Select... drop-down menu again to define a second parameter for the collection.  Choose Tag.  From the list of tag options, choose the name of the tag that you established for this group of people.


  5. The preview box will display all the people who meet the collection terms that you just defined.  This allows you to verify whether or not you correctly set up the collection.
  6. Click the Save button.
  7. Click the Display drop-down menu (in the green bar), and select Personnel Gallery.

  8. Publish the collection if you are ready to make it public.
  9. Move the collection, if need be, so that it displays in the navigation where you want it to appear.
  10. Repeat this process for each group of people.