Adding Standard Portlets

Here's how you add a portlet to the left or right-hand columns of your site.

  1. Navigate to the location in the site where you want the portlet to be located.  If you want the portlet to appear throughout the site, it must be added at the site's root folder.  Instructions on this can be found on the Portlet Inheritance page.
  2. At the bottom of the first or third column, click the green Manage portlets button.  You must be logged in and have the 'can manage' permission to see the 'Manage portlets' link.
    Manage Portlets Lg.
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  3. If no portlets are present in the first and third columns, the manage portlets button will be grouped with the content well portlet buttons.  Simply click on the green button that says (and only says) Manage Portlets
    Manage Portlets No Content
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  4. You will be taken to a portlet management page that will allow you manage the portlets for both the first and third column. 
    New Portlet 2
  5. On the Manage Portlets screen for left and right-hand portlets, controls are listed for each side.  Each set of controls pertain to the portlets for that specific column, so if you want to add an events portlet to the right-hand column then you need to use the controls on the right side.  In the column where you want to add a portlet, select a portlet type from the Add portlet... drop-down menu. For a description of each portlet type as well as information about individual settings, see Portlet Types.  
    Adding Portlets (Manage screen)
  6. Define any settings the portlet may have and click Save.
  7. Add any additional portlets that you want to the first and third column. 
  8. Click the Return link to return to the page or folder on which the portlet(s) were added.  Due to browser cache issues you may need to refresh the browser window if the portlets don't appear.  Simply hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click the Refresh/Reload button in the browser.  This action will purge your local browser cache and give you the most recent copy of the page in question.
    Manage Portlets - Return
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Navigation Portlet

It is required that all sites leave the navigation as the first/uppermost element of the first column.  Any portlets added to the first column must be placed below any left-hand navigation.