Site Footer

The Site Footer contains portlets that are designed to carry throughout the site. This could include contact information, site search, social media links, donate buttons, or other important information.

All sites are required to provide contact information on their site. At a minimum it should include the physical or mailing address and a phone number. A general email address for the unit is also recommended. We encourage all sites to place their contact information in their site's footer.  

The SOM web system is smart enough in that it does not display the site footer until content has been added to it.  

How to Add / Edit the Site Footer

The content for the site footer should be added at the root of your site (the root folder that contains your entire sites content).  When added here, the information will be inherited to all pages within the site.  This allows you to add/edit your information in one spot and yet display it on all pages within the site.

  1. Go to your website's home page.
  2. Click on the green Contents tab (you must be logged in to see it).

    Contents Tab

  3. At the bottom of the page, click on the green bar/button that says "Add, edit or remove a portlet in the site footer."

    Footer Portlet

  4.  If you see a yellow info box that says "You are managing the portlets of the default view of a container. If you wanted to manage the portlets of the container itself, go here" then you are in the wrong place.  This means that you will add the footer to the home page and only the home page.  To add the footer to the folder (or 'container' as the system calls it) click on the go here link that is found in the yellow info box.


Portlet Wells / Columns

The site footer can contain up to three portlet columns (also called wells).  If you add more than one portlet to a single portlet well, the portlets will stack vertically.  Basically, you can add one or as many portlets as you like to any portlet well, and the portlets will expand to accommodate the content that has been added to them.

One Column

To display just one column in the site footer, add portlets to column A only.  When columns B and C are left empty, column A will expand to encompass the entire area within the site footer.

Two Columns

To display two equal columns in the site footer, add portlets to columns A and B only.  When column C is left empty, column A and B are redistributed to each take up half of the area within the site footer.

Three Columns

To have three columns in the site footer you must add content to columns A, B, and C.


Here are some examples of what our department/centers/programs have done with the site footers on their sites:



Pretty pic



Site Footer Portlet 06

Site Footer 6