Content Rules

Content rules allow you to set automatic system actions that are triggered by specific user actions. For instance, you can set up email alerts to be sent every time an item is published on your site. Site owners can 1) create content rules, and 2) apply them to folders throughout a site.

Create/Manage Content Rules

Before a rule can be used, it must first be created:

  1. While logged, click your name to access the personal tools drop-down menu.
  2. Click "site setup".
  3. On the Site Setup screen, click "Content Rules".

A dialog is given to add rules (none exist on your site by default), as well as manage existing rules:


A rule is characterized by the trigger that causes it take action (i.e. "Object added to this container"), as well as other criteria selected, and the resulting action that's specified. Many possibilities exist, given the options presented! If you have questions or run into any issues, please email


Apply Content Rules

Once rules have been created, they can then be applied to folders. If you'd like a rule to inherit throughout a site, you'd simply apply it to the parent folder (i.e. home folder) and then specify that the rule should apply to subfolders, as well.