One major advantage of using Google Site Search (GSS) is that we're able to take advantage of Google's "Promotion" feature. Promotions are administrator defined keywords that push specific websites up to the top of our School of Medicine/UNC Health Care search results. In other words, instead of relying on Google’s traditional page ranking system, we are able to specify the top results we want our users to see when searching on our sites.

Example: Health Sciences Library

At any given time, if a user enters the word "library" in our search boxes, over 9000 results appear. When we took a look at the school’s Google Analytics reports, we found that many users were trying to find Health Sciences Library. Unfortunately, Health Sciences Library wasn't one of the top results; in fact, it was on the 2nd page of search results! To make it easier for our users to find, we added a KeywordMatch. We specified that any time a user enters the terms "hsl," "health sciences library," or "library," the first result would always take them to the Health Science Library site.

KeyMatch Example

Submitting Your Own Promotions

If you would like to submit your own KeywordMatches, send an email to with the following information:

  1. Keywords (Which keywords do you suspect your users will enter into the search box to find your site? Note: Keywords are not case sensitive.)

  2. Site and URL (Once the user enters the keyword into the search box, what site name and URL do you want to appear?)