Search Box

The School of Medicine has its own powerful, internal search that uses a localized version of Google's engine. By default, this searches a collection of published content within all School of Medicine and UNC Health Care sites, but it is possible for users to search your site exclusively, as well.

Basic Search

Go to the top of any page on the site, enter your keywords into the "Search Site" box and click the "search" button. This will bring up a list of results that match your query, with icons showing the type of document listed. You can search all content, or only for results within the School of Medicine or UNC Health Care sites. It's also possible to sort by date or relevance.

Advanced Search

If you don't see what you're looking for in the initial results, you can click the "Advanced Search" link just above the results for more precise options. The advanced search page allows you to search for exact phrases, exclude terms, search for a specific file format such as a .doc or .pdf, or find results only within a certain domain, such as "" Limiting your query in this way often brings improved results.

Searching Your Site

Adding "/search" to Your URL

You can search within your site, exclusively, by typing "/search" at the end of your homepage's URL.  For example, if is your site, then is your site-specific search link.  You can link to this address from any page!

Search Portlet

If you'd like to make site-specific search more prominent, add the SOM Search Portlet to any page or folder on your site.  The SOM Search Portlet searches only your site, and is especially useful if your site is large and you think users will need to search for specific content items. Again, this differs from the 'Search Site'  box in the main School of Medicine banner at the top of your site, as that box searches all School of Medicine and UNC Health Care websites.