Advanced Styles

jQuery Tools is a collection of user interface plugins that allow you to achieve effects like tabbed content, lightbox-style overlays, and tooltips. These effects are already built into the web system, but they're implemented through the editing of page HTML.

Selectively show and hide content on a page using an accordion. This feature requires the editing of the HTML.
Code From Third-Party Sites
Image Overlays (Lightbox Effect)
Image overlays allow you to show a larger version of an image in an overlay on the current page instead of causing a new page to load.
Displaying Publishing/Effective Dates
To display the date that your page is published or effective, you will simply follow the steps in this tutorial. This will be particularly useful for news items or any pages that you want to display the published date on.
Editing Preferences
Story Gallery
This is an alternative way of displaying News items in a responsive grid view.
Tabs allow you to separate content into neatly tabbed sections. This allows users to access new content without loading entirely new pages, which saves on bandwidth, and speeds up browsing. You will need to be comfortable editing HTML code to implement this.
Six Box Layout
Guide to working with special 6 box layout pages as seen on the SOM MD Program site.