Medicine's Communication & Collaboration (MC2) Initiative 

OIS is excited to announce a new initiative that will enhance online communication and collaboration throughout the School of Medicine. This initiative will provide a consolidated email and collaboration system that will ultimately increase operational efficiency, facilitate business continuity throughout the school, increase cost efficiency, and enhance the school’s ability to accommodate users’ ever-changing communication/collaboration needs.

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School of Medicine Web Redesign

On December 21, 2007, UNC School of Medicine and UNC Health Care launched coordinated web sites.  The new School of Medicine Web Redesign is an ongoing project that will eventually include UNC School of Medicine departments, centers, and programs.  Learn more by visiting the School of Medicine Web Guide.


ProofPoint (anti-spam software)

On February 12, 2008, OIS installed a ProofPoint antispam appliance on the School of Medicine network in a test mode. ProofPoint is one of the leading commercial antispam products on the market. ITS on main campus installed ProofPoint on their system in late November and has reported very positive results. We currently have ProofPoint in the audit mode where it is scanning all incoming messages and assigning a spam score to each one. Initial “out of the box” results look very promising.

Be assured that fixing the spam problem is OIS' number one priority. We are very optimistic that ProofPoint will provide a much better solution that what we are currently doing. Our intent is to roll it out as quickly and as safely as possible.

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One45 (Curriculum)

The Office of Medical Education in the School of Medicine has been researching a product called One45 ( which has a variety of functions that support the medical school curriculum, including managing clerkship schedules, clinical rotation schedules, automated assessments and evaluations and grade tracking. Currently, main campus resources are not used for medical student scheduling and grade tracking because the medical student curriculum and calendar are radically different from typical university curricula. One45 is specifically designed to support medical school and teaching hospital environments and will provide many essential functions not provided by current student or curricular systems.

One45 comes out of the box with a wide variety of functions, including:

  • Mapping curricular learning objectives to the School’s core competencies
  • Data Exchange with AAMC’s CurrMIT database
  • Granular scheduling of clerkships and clinical rotation schedules
  • An automated system that allows students to request their preferred clinical schedule and builds the schedule based on user-defined parameters
  • Student assessments including the ability to set low performance flags
  • Customized procedure logs and tracking students’ completion of these logs.
  • 360 degree evaluation of students, instructors and courses
  • Release of evaluation reports to students, faculty and administrators according to user-defined criteria
  • Access for all teaching faculty, including community-based preceptors, to curricular information as well as students’ schedules, assessments and evaluations

The School is planning to do a pilot of One45 for third year medical students starting in fall of 2008.



MIS II is a planned upgrade to the current School of Medicine Management Information System (MIS). MIS has been maintained in the School of Medicine for many years and is in desperate need of an upgrade to newer hardware and software. MIS began as a joint project between the Schools of Medicine, Public Health and Dentistry. Several years ago the participants diverged and the systems have evolved into various flavors reflective of the needs of these schools. MIS is currently still being used by the originating schools but is in need of revisions to support their respective business practices. With the MIS II project, the School of Medicine will be aligning their code-base to leverage development in newer technology by Public Health. The new system will initially be housed on Public Health servers but will eventually be migrated to SOM servers. Rollout of the first phase of the system is estimated take place in February 2008.


Classroom Lecture Capture

In Fall 2007, OIS began exploring automated classroom lecture capture solutions for the first and second year curriculum. More information about this project, including a project description and the latest status, can be found on the School of Medicine Educational Initiatives page.



(formerly listed as the proposed Email Unification and Collaboration Project)