Arjun Deb wins New Scholar Award in Aging from Ellison Medical Foundation

July 30, 2008 — Arjun Deb, M.D., an assistant professor in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine, has received a 2008 New Scholar Award in Aging from the Ellison Medical Foundation.

Deb’s project studies the role of cardiac stem cells in the biology of aging of the adult heart and will determine whether cardiac aging is associated with decreased self-renewal of cardiac stem cells. His lab plans to investigate signaling mechanisms that regulate cardiac stem cell renewal and how this is altered following injury and aging.

The award provides funding of $100,000 per year for a four-year period.

Deb joined the department of medicine’s cardiology division and the Carolina Cardiovascular Biology Center in 2007.

The foundation’s New Scholar awards provide support for newly independent investigators in the first three years after their postdoctoral training, when they are establishing their own labs. These awards support bright young scientists during their early years, allowing them to staff their laboratories, collect preliminary data and organize research programs of sufficient momentum to obtain ongoing support from other sources.

New Scholar applications are solicited by invitation only. Candidates are investigators who are nominated by their institutions for their outstanding promise in basic aging research.

The Ellison Medical Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports basic biomedical research on aging relevant to understanding lifespan development processes and age-related diseases and disabilities. The Foundation aims particularly to stimulate new, creative research that might not be funded by traditional sources or that is often under-funded in the U.S.

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