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Related UNC School of Medicine Offices

  • Compliance Office
    Established to assist UNC P&A physicians and other practitioners with complying with governmental regulations pertaining to medical record documentation and coding for billed services.
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
    The Office of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) facilitates educational activities for the continuing professional development of physicians and other health care professionals by offering interventions built on adult learning principles that provide the participants with information, strategies, and tools they can use to improve their performance in practice and enhance patient care.
  • Information Security & Privacy (a division of the Office of Information Systems)
    The Information Security & Privacy division supports the goals of the UNC School of Medicine by promoting a secure information technology environment. Find information on security/privacy awareness, policies, HIPAA resources (including required modules for all School of Medicine employees), and other security/privacy related resources.




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