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Chromatin Interest Pages

Basics on DNA Packaging, Nuclesomes and Chromatin

Chromatin Basics 2

Chromatin Basics (Wiki)

List of Chromatin and Epigenetics Related Meetings

Jim Bone’s Chromatin Structure and Function page

Epicypher: a new company specializing in chromatin and epigenetic reagents


Yeast Information and Tools

Saccharomyces cerevisiae data base (SGD)

phosphoGRID: a database of all known phosphorylation sites identified on budding yeast proteins

Yeast Protocols from the Gottschling Lab

Herskowitz lab protocols and links to other researchers

Protocols from Michael Keogh’s web page with more, very helpful links

Yeast handbook for starters


Histone Information and Databases

Histone Data Base

HIstome: The Histone Infobase: a database of human histones, their post-tranlational modifications and modifying enzymes

Histone Systematic Mutation Database: A database of histone mutations and their phenotypes

ChromatinDB - Yeast chromatin analysis tools


Protein, Cancer and Molecular Biology Tools and Databases

Cosmic: Catalogue of somatic mutations in cancer

ExPASy Proteomics Server

Phosphorylation Site Database

Human Protein Reference Data Base

Pfam Domain Search

The Online Analysis Tools: a comprehensive list of databases providing tools for basic molecular biology to protein and genomics research

CMS Molecular Biology Resource: another comprehensive list of databases and resources for molecular biology, molecular evolution, biochemsitry and modeling

Molecular Biology Protocols on-line

Antibody Resource Page


Literature Search


Web of Knowledge

Google Scholar


UNC-Chapel Hill and School of Medicine

***NEW*** UNC Chromatin and Epigenetics Program

UNC High-Throughput Peptide Synthesis and Array Facility

List of UNC Core Facilities

UNC Directory Search

UNC Maps, Direction and Parking

Health Science Library

IT and Comupter Support

Calendar of events

UNC Departments

UNC School of Medicine

Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics

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