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Graduate and Postdoctoral positions to study the histone code and gene regulation

The Strahl lab provides a unique opportunity for inquisitive researchers to study the role of histone post-translational modifications (e.g. acetylation, methylation and ubiquitylation) in chromatin structure and function. We are continually seeking enthusiastic and highly motivated individuals to to join us in this very exciting field of study. Postdoctoral applicants should have a demonstrated publication record with some molecular biology experience. Additional experience in proteomics, microarray and/or yeast/mammalian cell manipulation is preferred but not necessary as we seek individuals with high training potential.


UNC offers an outstanding environment to carry out your studies in the Strahl lab. There are a wide number of core facilities, expert epigenetic faculty to consult and collaborate with, and an extremely friendly living environment here in Chapel Hill. In addition, UNC harbors three outstanding postdoctoral training programs for which you can gain independent funding. One is the Integrated Training in Cancer Model System (ITCMS), another is the SPIRE training program (which is centered more so on teaching development), and most recently is the new Cancer Epigenetics Training Program. I encourage all of my trainee's to apply for these incredible training opportunities when joining the lab, which offer great career development opportunities and support. In all, UNC and my lab offer an outstanding place to train for a scientific career in the biomedical sciences.


If you are interested in pursuing research with our lab, please send your CV, along with the names of 2-3 references, to brian_strahl@med.unc.edu. Potential graduate students not currently accepted into UNC's Biological & Biomedical Sciences Program need to apply to our graduate program first.