Lab Members

Henrik Dohlman Henrik Gunnar Dohlman, PhD
Henrik is Vice Chair and Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics and also Professor of Pharmacology.  Henrik attended Wesleyan University, received his PhD with Bob Lefkowitz at a nearby rival university and posdoc training with Jeremy Thorner at UC Berkeley. Prior to joining the faculty at UNC he was Associate Professor of Pharmacology at Yale University.

Josh Kelley

Joshua B. Kelley, PhD
Josh is a joint post-doc with Tim Elston's group. Josh received his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at the University of Virginia, where he studied regulation of the RanGTPase and nuclear transport in the context of stress signaling. He now turns his attention to the regulation of chemotropic growth and gradient sensing.

James Shellhammer

James Shellhammer
James is a graduate student in Pharmacology and is working on the metabolic changes that underlie G protein phosphorylation.

Brian Petersen

Brian Petersen
Brian is a former sailer, electrical engineer, and now a grad student in the UNC Neurobiology curriculum. His mission is to rewire the cellular circuitry in the HOG pathway.

Anay Reddy

Anay Reddy
Anay is a recent graduate from UNC with a degree in Chemistry. He will be conducting research in the lab before heading on to even greaterness as a medical student.

Patrick McCarter
Patrick is a graduate of NC A&T, a physicist and a joint graduate with Tim Elston's group, earning his PhD in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology and in the Molecular and Cellular Biophysics training programs. Read more about Patrick's road to graduate school here.

Claire Gordy

Claire Gordy, PhD
Claire was a graduate student with You-Wen He at Duke University, and is now a SPIRE postdoctoral fellow, dividing her time between the lab and commuting to her teaching position at UNC Pembroke. Claire is working on dynamic regulation of yeast autophagy.

Matthew Martz, PhD
Matthew was a graduate student with Phil Wedegaertner at Thomas Jefferson University. Matthew is now working on dynamic regulation of Gpa1.

Laruen Askew

Lauren Askew (Biology '15)

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