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Data Research Assistant

Jade Hollars (she/her/hers) is a Data Analytics Research Assistant for Abacus. She graduated with her MPH in Maternal, Child and Family Health from the Gilling’s School of Global Public Health at UNC-Chapel Hill. Her interest areas surround health advocacy, family planning, fertility support, abortion access, and menstrual hygiene. She is passionate for improving community outreach and education while addressing gaps between programs and community engagement, especially within rural and underserved communities and populations. Her current roles include survey development, coding, R programming, and data visualization.

Jade also has a Bachelor’s in Biology from Western Carolina University where she participated in 4 years of cell culture research focusing on the regenerative effects of keratin on human embryonic kidney cells exposed to hypoxic environments. Her goal is to integrate these physical science skills into her public health research and efforts in the improvement of the health and well-being of families and communities.

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Portrait of Jade Hollars