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Evaluation can take even the most successful projects to a new level. Holistic evaluation adds value throughout the project life cycle to help prioritize activities and plans, direct improvements, and share successes. At Abacus, our diverse, experienced team partners with clients to tailor personalized approaches designed to meet the unique needs of each project.

Evaluation is helpful for projects big and small. We can work within any size budget and project scope to bring evaluation benefits to our clients.

Check out some of our services below to know more about how we can help you. For inquiries or to learn more, contact us here.

Full-Scope Evaluations

Comprehensive evaluations include process, quality improvement, outcome and impact measures. We can provide support across the project lifecycle, from pre-award to post-award, to ensure your data tells the complete story of your project’s success.

Time-Limited Evaluation Support

We can work with your project on time-limited, specific components of an evaluation depending on your needs for support.

Instrument Development

Our team can develop, test, and implement surveys and other instruments to support the evaluation you are already doing for your project.

Data Collection and Analysis

Our team can design and implement data collection and analysis approaches focused on assessing the outcomes of your initiative.

Workforce Development Evaluation

Our experienced evaluators can develop and implement an approach to track the impacts of workforce development and training programs.

Data Visualization

Information needs to be engaging to be impactful. We provide intuitive, targeted data visualization through graphics, reports, and dashboards.

Data Analysis

Our team applies scientifically sound and up-to-date methods in data analysis to extract insights and make the most of the information collected. We take care to explain statistical methods and interpretations of data analysis clearly.

Data management

Behind the scenes, data overload needs to be structured, governed, and curated to provide clean, high-quality data for analysis. Our team understands data architecture and management processes that can simplify projects.

Network Analysis

Analysis of networks and collaborating systems can provide new and valuable information into how projects function. From interactive graphs that visually tell engagement stories across groups to dynamic monitoring of system entities and metrics of cohesion, our team analyzes structural activities that highlight key pathways and actors central to project success.


Publication data is valuable in assessing the research and career productivity of individuals or groups of researchers within a department or an institution. Our network analysts can curate customized publication datasets to evaluate citation impact, collaborations, and core foci areas critical to understanding scholarship output and outcomes.

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