Not everyone has access to a specialist who treats only older patients called a Geriatrician but maybe everyone should. The CGEC’s effort to develop Interdisciplinary Core Competency training will provide practitioners in rural and underserved areas with what they need to know about caring for the special needs of older adults. Students and practicing professionals in Medicine, Social Work, Nursing and Pharmacy will benefit from enhanced training in coordinated interdisciplinary patient care, diagnosing cognitive disorders, responding to end of life issues following Palliative Care prinicples, assessing the functional needs of older adults and responding to Sensory Limitations. These Core Competencies have been endorsed by the American Academy of Nursing, American Academy of Physician Assistants, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, American Dietetic Association, AGS, American Occupational Therapy Association, Council on Social Work Education, and American College of Clinical Pharmacy.from Gerolina meeting 9/28/12 Charleston SC

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