The Person ID Number (PID) is an identification number assigned to all persons with a University relationship, as defined by an official University department. This number is designed to give all persons a universal number (PID or Person ID) that is unique to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The PID is the primary record keeping key for all departments within the University. This will likely be completed in advance of your arrival

UNC Hospitals ID Badge
On your first day after receiving a PID, you will fill out a copy of the Photo I.D. Request form and Dr. Ellen Roberts will check off the Buildings for which you need access. At that point, you will have your picture taken. All MSTAR students shall wear their badge with the photo clearly visible when coming into and while in a UNC Health Care facility. Badges contain a magnetic strip that allows access to certain entrances during the evening hours. If you loose your ID, it must be reported to the Hospital Police Department at 919-966-8116.

University One Card
The other ID card you will be getting your first day is your UNC One Card. This ID is a multipurpose identification and on-line accounts card. You can use it for anything on campus from Chick-Fil-A ® to Parking Tickets. It is the official ID card for students, faculty, & staff of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Your One Card provides access to certain facilities & events, and also serves as your UNC Library card. You will obtain this card at the Lower Level of the Daniels Student Stores. There is a $5.00 charge for the card.

Permission Form
This is a form solely for the use of the UNC MSTAR program. With this form you grant your permission for the program to publish your information including name, home university, mentor, research project and to publish your picture, research paper, quotes about the program, or other program documents. If used, this information would be published on the University webpages.

Gym Guest Pass
Students in the MSTAR program are able to purchase a Gym Guest Pass once they have their PID and One Card. This pass will give you access to the Student Rec Center, the Rams Head Rec Center, and the Fetzer and Woolen Gyms. This pass is available to you for $80 for 2 months and will be prorated for those staying beyond 8 weeks. Passes must be paid for in full at the time of purchase. Payments must be made in full with either cash or check. Students of the MSTAR program will need to make an appointment to purchase their gym guest pass if not paying for their ID on the first day.

Keys & Workspace
All students will be provided with a work space including a computer their first day. It is at this time students will also be given the keys to access necessary research areas.