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“I attended 3 days of clinical rotations. It was my favorite part of MSTAR. Attending clinical rotations put my research experience into perspective and demonstrated why continued research is necessary.”

“I was surprised by the complexity of the patients’ medical problems, but invigorated by the diagnostic challenges and cerebral nature of the practice.”

Clinical Experience Opportunities

In an effort to give you the most comprehensive and dynamic MSTAR experience possible, we offer clinical experiences in a wide variety of locations and settings. While most students have found the clinical experiences to be an integral part of their MSTAR experience, completing a clinical experience is not mandatory. The majority of MSTAR Student Alumni not only strongly recommend participating in a clinical experience, but in fact recommend participating in more than one was invaluable to their experience.

It is highly recommended that you discuss with your research mentor what clinical experience may best compliment your research project. Your mentor may recommend a particular professional with whom to do your clinical experience. Clinical experiences will give you a feel for the research at work and the collaborative effort of today’s physicians in effectively treating the geriatric population.

Many Geriatric clinical experiences will be set up by our MSTAR Clinical Experience Coordinator. Options should be discussed in advance of your arrival but after you have spoken with your mentor and have your research project roughly defined.