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Educational sessions are designed to address topics related to your aging research experience. Each session is geared to enrich your knowledge in understanding the complexities of caring for an older adult and in the complexities of including older adult participants in the realm of research. Educational sessions are held weekly for approximately two hours, and are a required portion of the Program.


  • The Impacts of Excluding Older Adults in Research
  • The Physiology of Older Adults & Why it Matters in Research
  • How to Recruit Older Adults In Research – Geriatric Assessment
  • Co-Authorship of Medical Journal Research Articles
  • Aging Research and Geriatric Syndromes
  • CMSRP Data Analysis
  • Regression 101
  • Mid Point Research Scholar Project Presentations
  • Research Results
  • Epidemiology 101
  • Clinical Trials 101
  • Medicare, Medicaid
  • Medicare, Medicaid Databases in Research
  • Oral Presentations
  • The Importance of Polypharmacy & Suboptimal Prescribing in Older Adults
  • Polypharmacy Research, Significance & Methods
  • The Art of Reviewing Research Papers
  • Aging Research Ethics and Vulnerable Populations